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The Periodic Table of Espresso Drinks Poster — Giclée Print

The Periodic Table of Espresso Drinks Poster — Giclée Print

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With 89 individual illustrations, this periodic table gives you an overview of the most popular espresso drinks from around the world. From Americano to Iced Latte, from ristretto to the espresso martini, each coffee is categorised using vibrant colours, and an extensive index at the bottom of the poster provides detailed information on the country of origin and ingredients for each drink.

  • 45 x 60 cm / 18 x 24 in
  • Giclée print
  • 210 gsm premium smooth art paper
  • Robust packaging
  • Printed and shipped on demand
  • Frame not included

We spent a lot of time researching each drink, ensuring the ingredients reflected the original recipes as accurately as possible. We represented each drink with its origin nation or cultural region (and sometimes not if the origin is uncertain). We also made the poster as informative as possible without cluttering it visually, with categories, colour-coordinated ingredients, and appropriate drinking vessels. At 89 illustrations, it makes this the most extensive espresso drinks poster out there!

One category is dedicated to non-coffee drinks that are often served alongside coffee, like the hot chocolate and the matcha latte.

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